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Please contact us through the normal channels & stay tuned for updates.

At Falcon Labs, we're committed to bringing you the finest products at competitive pricing.

Call for a quote today.   800-522-7011


Using state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging methods, Falcon Labs' products are second to none in quality. If you'd ever like to stop by our facilities for a tour of our operations, we welcome you.


It is our intention through providing quality products, consistent availability, and superior service from our inside team as well as our outside sales staff that we will gain the reputation of being truly professional and a service minded organization.


Contact us via email for up-to-date MSDS sheets and details on our products.  We will be updating the website with downloadable information and a detailed product catalog shortly.

We're continuing to strive to bring new products and services to the market to help your business run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

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Falcon Laboratories Inc
1305 Pecan St.
Colorado Springs, CO  80904

(719) 520-1551